Property Management in Redding, CA

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Redding vs Nearby Cities

Home prices in Redding are slightly higher than those found in surrounding cities. The median home value for the city tends to stay around $250,000, but values are rising throughout California. The median listing price is approaching $300,000, but the median sales price is typically closer to $250,000. Compare that to cities like Red Bluff and Anderson, which both have median listing prices known to drop below $200,000 at times. Home values are generally around $200,000 in both cities.

Shasta Lake is about 10 miles north of Redding and also offers slightly lower home prices. The median listing price in this town generally stays below $250,000. Those low home prices come with low home values.

Redding Property Managers

If you need help keeping your rental property up to code and competitive in the California market, a property manager is key. The right manager will have expertise on everything from rent collection to tenant screening and real estate marketing. They will cover the day-to-day operations so that you can enjoy more free time.

Redding Property Management Company Fees

Most northern California property managers will charge you a percentage of the monthly rent collected from all managed properties. This can go higher than 10 percent, but there are some managers charging closer to 8 percent. Make sure to ask what services are included in the basic management fee and what you can expect to pay for additional services as needed.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords in California are required to educate themselves on the rent-control ordinances that apply to communities in which they own property. Some rental properties are exempt from these ordinances, but not all.
  • It is illegal for landlords to increase rental rates in a manner that is considered discriminatory.