Property Management in Santa Barbara, CA

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Santa Barbara vs Nearby Cities

Santa Barbara is one of the most prestigious cities on the southern California coast, so expect much higher real estate prices than you will see in surrounding cities. Ventura is located about 30 miles to the south and offers a median listing price close to $600,000. Santa Maria is about 60 miles north and boasts a median listing price below $400,000. Compare those figures to a median listing price around $1.5 million in Santa Barbara. The median sales price is often much closer to $1 million, but these prices are still substantially higher than most nearby cities.

Santa Barbara Property Managers

Whether you have one rental property or a growing list of properties, a manager can help you with all tasks needed to prepare your rental units for tenants. They can also help you find suitable renters, and finally, they can oversee the daily operations once tenants have moved in. This includes overseeing repairs and handling complaints from tenants.

Santa Barbara Property Management Company Fees

Negotiating with a property management company starts with determining what services are included in the basic management fee. This fee may include compensation for the time taken to screen and recruit new tenants, but some companies prefer to charge a separate fee for those efforts. You can expect to keep some money in an account for basic operational expenses.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • The rental agreement must identify areas of the property where cigarette smoking is prohibited.
  • Once tenants sign a lease agreement without a no smoking clause, the landlord must wait until it’s time to renew the lease before adding such a clause.
  • Landlords cannot accept rental payments or security deposits after applying for the demolition of the rental property unless the new tenants are informed of the demolition application.