Property Management in Stockton, CA

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Stockton vs. Nearby Cities

The median listing price for homes in Stockton can get close to $300,000 at times, and the median sales price typically hovers around $250,000. Most surrounding cities like Modesto and Sacramento display prices in the same range, even though home values are usually slightly higher in Sacramento.

There are still some small towns in the immediate area that present much higher real estate prices. For instance, Brentwood is just west of Stockton and boasts median home values well over $500,000 and a median listing price close to $600,000.

Stockton Property Managers

When managing your rental property becomes overwhelming, a property manager will provide the support, expertise and professional advice that you need to thrive in California’s aggressive housing market. From managing tenants to ensuring that your property is well maintained, a manager is the key to maintaining in-demand rental properties that are competitive.

Stockton Property Management Company Fees

Once you agree on a management fee, it’s important to ask about additional expenses. Many Stockton property management companies will charge extra for services not included in that basic fee. Since those fees are typically based on the amount of rent collected, you should watch out for vacancy fees as well.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Tenants have the option of taking landlords to court if their security deposit isn’t returned within 21 days.
  • Landlords are required to provide advance notice if they intend to withhold deductions from a tenant’s security deposit.
  • Landlords may take tenants to small claims court if their security deposit isn’t adequate to cover fees owed.