Oklahoma State Rent Increases & Fees

  • Rent Control / Increase Limitations. Oklahoma state landlords must include details of any increases and required notice in the lease.
  • Notice Required to Raise Rent. For month-to-month tenancies, Oklahoma landlords must provide 30 days notice from next rent due date.
  • Late Rent Fees. There is no legislation regarding late rent fees in Oklahoma.

When Can a Landlord Increase Rent?

Any increases in rent, as well as the amount of notice required, should be dealt with in the lease.

When is it illegal to raise rent?

It is illegal for an Oklahoma landlord to raise rent based on the age, race, religion, nation or origin, familial status, or disability status of a tenant (Fair Housing Act).

Is there a rent increase limit?

Oklahoma does not regulate the amount rent may be increased.

How Much Notice is Needed for Raising Rent?

Although the state has no legislation regarding notice for rent increases on month-to-month tenants, it is generally assumed that the amount of time required to terminate residence is adequate. A 30-Day Notice is required to terminate month-to-month tenancy in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Statute 111A).

How Often Can Rent Be Increased?

Oklahoma does not regulate the frequency with which rent may be increased.

Laws Regarding Late Fees

Although the state of Oklahoma does not legislate late fees, court rulings indicate that there are some limits (Sun Ridge Investors V Parker).

Laws Regarding Bounced Check fees

Oklahoma has no legislation regarding the amount allowed for returned checks.

Cities in the State With Rent Control

Oklahoma has no legislation limiting rent control. However, the state does have legislation preempting the ability of local municipalities to regulate rent control.