New Mexico Room Rental Agreement

The New Mexico roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a contract that clarifies the financials, terms, and conditions of two or more tenants in a shared living situation (“co-tenants”). Each co-tenant must sign the contract to remain compliant with New Mexico state law.

When a tenant decides that the amount of rent that they agreed to pay for on a monthly basis is too much to manage, they can opt to have a roommate share the space with them. This will mean that the rent will be split as well as the utilities and other expenses. The number of people that can be in this arrangement can vary based on the amount of room that a property has and the number of individuals who will be staying in each room. In this type of agreement, the landlord will not have anything to do with the agreement. It is merely an arrangement between the individuals who are going to be living in the unit. 

What to Include in a New Mexico Roommate Agreement

  • The names of the roommates living in the unit. This will include the master roommate, the new roommate, and the others who already live in the unit. 
  • The street address of the property as well as any identifying cross streets.
  • How the rent, the security deposit, and the utilities will be paid as well as who is responsible for making sure that it gets paid on time.
  • The dates of the agreement and whether or not the lease can be extended.
  • The terms of the lease, which will include pet rules, quiet time rules, parking rules, and more.
  • House rules should be included as well to help keep the peace between roommates.
  • The signature of every roommate who is living on the premises.

Roommate’s Rights in New Mexico

In this state, a roommate that has signed a roommate agreement will have some rights, but they will not be as extensive as the original tenant or a roommate that has signed onto the lease. They will have the right to live in a unit that follows all of the safety codes and health codes of the state. If the unit is not kept habitable, they will also have the right to take the landlord to court to get the matter solved. The roommates will have the right to ask for repairs to be done in the unit as well, and they cannot be refused or discriminated against.