Oklahoma Room Rental Agreement

Grab a FREE Oklahoma room rental agreement sample and read further about what should be included in a room rental agreement in Oklahoma and what rights & responsibilities a roommate has under Oklahoma law after signing.

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What is an Oklahoma Roommate Agreement?

A room rental agreement, which is often called a roommate agreement, is a document that is written and signed to make a living situation between roommates legal. This is an agreement between the roommates, so the landlord will not need to sign the document. This option will allow the original tenant to share the cost of the rental and the utilities that must be paid each month, which will make it much more manageable for all of the roommates. 

What to Include in an Oklahoma Roommate Agreement

  • The date of the agreement. This should include the official end date of the lease and whether the roommates can sign on to the lease later.
  • The names of all of the roommates. It may be a good idea to leave extra lines in case more roommates move in at a later time.
  • The address for the rental property. Make sure to include any cross street that can help identify it.
  • The amount of rent that each roommate is responsible for paying. This should be split based on the size of the room.
  • The security deposit that was paid and the amount that each roommate gave.
  • The utility bills that will be divided and who is responsible for paying them.
  • The terms of the lease. Parking rules, pet rules, and smoking rules should be included.
  • House rules that the master roommate wants to address. This can include a cleaning and a cooking schedule.
  • All of the roommates must sign and date the document.

Roommate’s Rights in Oklahoma 

A roommate is not going to have the same rights as the tenant that signed the original lease document and has an agreement with the landlord. When there are roommates, the landlord may or may not deal with them, but the roommates will still have the right to live in a safe environment, to request repairs when they are needed, and to take the landlord to court if they discriminate against the roommates by refusing to take care of their basic rental needs.