Oklahoma Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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The Oklahoma month-to-month rental agreement is a written document between a landlord and tenant that officially recognizes a legally binding relationship between the two parties. This document outlines an agreement for the renting of property and details the monthly rent, property description, in addition to the landlord and tenant’s responsibilities.

A month-to-month lease is a rental option that will give the tenant more flexibility that a fixed-term lease. It will allow them to stay as long as they would like unless the landlord wants them to move out, and they can easily move out at any point. This makes it an ideal option for an individual who is planning on getting married soon, moving to another area of the country, or purchasing a new home. The landlord is also going to like this type of agreement because it will allow them to raise the rent more efficiently, and if they have a problem tenant, they can easily tell them to vacate.

Oklahoma Requirements for a Month-to-Month Lease Termination

When a tenant wishes to move off of the premises or the landlord wants them to vacate the unit, the individual that wants the tenant to move will need to give the other party notice of at least 30 days. This will allow the tenant to find a new housing option in the area that fits their needs. It will also give the landlord a reasonable amount of time to locate a new tenant who is looking for a rental property in the area.

Raising the Rent in Oklahoma

Unlike when a tenant has a fixed-term lease, the landlord with a month-to-month tenant will be able to raise the rent as often as they would like. There is not a statute limiting the amount that the rent can be raised either, and they do not have to give the tenant a specific notice to state that they are going to raise the rent. Typically, a landlord will provide a notice of 30 days in this state, but it is not required by law.