Missouri Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Grab our free sample or generate an official Missouri month-to-month rental agreement for residential use. Read further about required disclosures in Missouri, optional addendums for things like pets, and how much notice is needed to terminate month-to-month leases in Missouri.

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What is a Missouri Month-to-Month Lease?

A month-to-month rental agreement, which is sometimes called an at-will lease, is an arrangement between a landlord and a renter that’s much less restrictive than a standard, fixed-term lease. These leases have a monthly duration, and when the month ends, it renews automatically. As a result, people who are temporarily staying in an area can have accommodations without having to be locked into a long-term lease. Additionally, since this renews each month, a landlord is free to raise the rent as often as he or she will.

Missouri Notice Requirements for Month-to-Month Lease Termination

One of the best features of a lease of this type is the lack of required justification; neither the landlord or his renter must disclose their reasoning for requesting that the unit be made vacant. On the other hand, Missouri law does dictate that both parties must provide adequate notice to the opposing party before vacating the premises. For both parties, this amounts to a full month. Landlords can call for an earlier period if the tenant violates the lease rules or is late on rent payment. Sometimes, the lease will have a longer or shorter notice period, and in these cases, the state will respect the letter of the lease.

Raising Rent in Missouri

If a landlord is opting to raise the rent for a month-to-month tenancy, then he or she must provide a lease term’s duration as a notice to the tenant. In this case, it’ll be a 30-day period. This isn’t covered by any preset Missouri statute, but for long-term leases, the landlord may only increase the value of the rent when the lease is expiring.

Required Disclosures in Missouri

Landlord/Manager/Agent Identification

Any person authorized to enter the premises must be stated in the lease in addition to an address for notices by the tenant.


Landlord: Name Address: Full mailing address
Property Manager/Agent: Name Address: Full mailing address

Lead-Based Paint Hazards

This isn’t Missouri-specific, but if the unit being rented out was built before 1978, the landlord is required to do the following 3 things:

  1. Provide the tenant with an EPA-approved pamphlet about the dangers of lead-based paint (see latest pamphlet PDFs here).
  2. Disclose any known information concerning lead-based paint in the unit (i.e. its location, condition, etc.), and include any records or reports about the paint or its hazards. For multi-unit buildings with common areas, this includes information from building-wide evaluations.
  3. Fill out and attach this disclosure form to the lease.