West Virginia Rental Application Form

The West Virginia rental application form is a document that some landlords use to decide who will rent their properties. The landlord can see past rental history, criminal behavior, and more before agreeing to the lease so they can find the most viable tenant for the property.

Applicable Law in West Virginia

When a landlord needs to fill a vacancy, they are going to need a fair application process to select a new tenant. When the applicant fills out the form, they will need to sign to indicate that they have given the landlord permission to do a background check. In this state, there are no limitations on how much the landlord can charge for an application fee, so they can charge any amount that is considered fair. This fee will not be refundable either, so the landlord will most likely ask that it is paid at the time that the application is turned in with a check or a money order.

Fair Housing Laws in West Virginia

WestFair housing laws are federal protections that are in place to make sure that all applicants are considered for housing based on the same criteria. The landlord cannot refuse housing to a potential tenant because of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or a disability. In West Virginia, there is also protection that will keep people from being discriminated against because of their ancestry or because of blindness. The landlord is also required to make reasonable accommodations for the tenant if they request them. This could be having a service animal in a unit that does not allow pets or reserving a parking space to make it more accessible.