Property Management in Greenville, SC

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Greenville vs Nearby Cities

While home prices in Greenville are higher than the national average, they’re still more affordable than prices seen in some nearby cities. The median listing price in Greenville can rise to around $300,000 during active months, and it’s common for buyers to pay more than $100 per square foot. The median home value for the city tends to stay around $150,000, which is lower than nearby cities like Easley, Simpsonville and Travelers Rest. Median home values are around $200,000 in all of these cities, but the median listing price in Travelers Rest is often above $350,000.

For more affordable real estate prices, residents can look for homes about 25 miles to the east in Spartanburg. The median listing price is often around $150,000 in that city.

Greenville Property Managers

Property managers are often in charge of tracking the books, the contractors, the bills and the residents. They may initiate the eviction process when a tenant fails to pay their rent or otherwise breaks their leasing agreement. Screening potential tenants and overseeing contractors working on the property are often jobs for a manager as well.

Greenville Property Management Company Fees

While inexperienced property managers may charge as little as four percent of your monthly rent collection, you can expect an experienced manager to charge closer to 10 percent. This rate can even go a bit higher if your manager is in high demand or if characteristics of your property will make it more difficult to manage.

South Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • State statutes in South Carolina place no restrictions on what landlords may charge for security deposits.
  • Landlords are given 30 days from a tenant’s move-out date to return the security deposit.
  • If a tenant disputes deductions taken from their security deposit or a landlord refuses to return the deposit, the tenant may sue for up to $7,500.