Property Management in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville vs Nearby Cities

Jacksonville offers some of the most affordable real estate prices in the northeastern corner of Florida. The median listing price can get close to $200,000 at times, but that’s less than half the median listing price seen in Lakeside. This city is less than 20 miles southwest of Jacksonville and is known for a median listing price close to $500,000. Fernandino Beach is about 30 miles to the north and commands a median listing price close to $400,000 at times. St. Augustine is about 35 miles to the south and offers a more reasonable median listing price that typically stays below $300,000.

Jacksonville Property Managers

A property manager is your key to reducing the stress in your daily life. Whether you live nearby or miles away, your management team will ensure that your property is properly maintained. They can interact with your tenants as needed while collecting rental payments, overseeing repairs and responding to questions and complaints.

Orlando Property Management Company Fees

Most property management companies will charge between 10 and 14 percent of the rent that you collect each month. Some may offer a flat rate, but make sure that you know what is included in the fee. You will likely have to pay additional fees for advertising, tenant recruitment, lease renewals and other tasks.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords in Florida have no restriction when it comes to determining how much they charge for the late rent fee.
  • Florida landlords must state their late rent fee in their rental agreement. If the agreement fails to mention this fee, the landlord cannot impose the fee on tenants.