Property Management in Spartanburg, SC

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Spartanburg vs Nearby Cities

If you’re searching for affordable homes in northern South Carolina, you may want to look in the Spartanburg area. This city offers a median listing price around $150,000, and the median home value is around $100,000. It’s not difficult to find homes listed for less than $100 per square foot in this city, and nearby Woodruff offers even lower prices. You can expect to see a median home value around $75,000 in Woodruff, and the median listing and sales prices are typically below $100,000 as well.

Many surrounding cities offer real estate prices that are slightly higher. For instance, median listing prices in Greenville and Gaffney are typically close to $150,000. In Greer, the median listing price can get close to $300,000 at times.

Spartanburg Property Managers

Experienced property managers offer more than rent collection services. They are usually knowledgeable real estate professionals capable of determining the best rental prices and suggesting renovations and repairs that may make rental units more desirable. Their job is to oversee property maintenance while communicating effectively with tenants.

Spartanburg Property Management Company Fees

Property owners can expect to pay a property management fee, which is often charged as a percentage of the gross rent collected from tenants. This fee can go up to 14 percent but is typically below 10 percent. Many managers also negotiate a vacancy fee or a leasing fee.

South Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • South Carolina renters have the right to withhold rental payments if a landlord fails to make important repairs that interfere with their quality of life or that put their safety at risk.
  • When a landlord plans to enter an occupied rental unit and the situation isn’t an emergency, they must notify the tenant at least 24 hours in advance.