Property Management in Tallahassee, FL

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Tallahassee vs Nearby Cities

Tallahassee is located in northern Florida in a region that often features affordable home prices. The city’s median listing price tends to stay around $200,000, which is about equal to the city’s median home value. It’s common for buyers to pay around $100 per square foot for homes in some of the most desirable neighborhoods, and renters often face a median rental price around $1,000 per month. While the median home value is lower in nearby Crawfordsville, buyers in this city often see a median home price closer to $220,000. Those searching for more affordable prices can look in Quincy. This city offers a median listing price under $150,000 much of the time.

Tallahassee Property Managers

Property managers handle a long list of duties required to keep rental units in proper working order. This includes overseeing routine landscaping and interior maintenance as well as collecting rent and sending notices to tenants as needed. When complaints are lodged or an eviction is necessary, the manager has the expertise needed to handle issues efficiently.

Tallahassee Property Management Company Fees

Property managers may charge a flat fee, but most are paid a percentage of the rent collected from tenants each month. This rate is often around 10 percent, and many property owners pay closer to seven percent. The rate may get close to 15 percent if special services are requested or the property needs special attention.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords must give tenants at least three days to pay overdue rent or evacuate the property before they can start the eviction process.
  • When a landlord fails to make essential repairs in a timely manner, tenants have the option of withholding rent. The tenant must first notify the landlord of needed repairs and give the landlord adequate time to respond.