Michigan Eviction Notice

Grab a Michigan eviction notice template and read further to learn about what happens AFTER a notice is posted, how long the eviction process takes and other aspects of Michigan eviction law.

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Types of Eviction Notices

In the state of Michigan, there are a few different eviction notices that a tenant may see. They include:

  • A 24-Hour Notice to Quit – This is a notice that is given if the tenant has been found to be using or selling illegal drugs in the unit. According to § 554.134(4), the landlord will only need to provide a notice of 24 hours before filing a summons and eviction complaint with the district court when a police report has been filed against someone in the unit for having illicit substances.
  • A Seven-Day Notice to Quit for Non-Payment – This notice will provide the tenant with a period of seven days to pay the rent that is owed or vacate the unit before they continue with the eviction proceedings.
  • A Seven-Day Notice to Quit for Non-Compliance – This is the notice that will be used when the tenant is breaking the terms of the lease. They will have seven days to cure the action or vacate the premises.
  • A 30-Day Notice to Quit – This is the type of notice that is used when a tenant has a month-to-month agreement that the landlord wants to end. They only need the 30-day notice to end the agreement.

What Happens After a Notice is Posted

Once the Notice to Quit, regardless of the number of days that it gives the tenant, is delivered, the landlord will have to wait for the days that the notice allows to pass. If the issue is not cured during that time period, then the landlord will have the option of taking the issue to the district court that is located in the same county as the rental unit to begin the eviction process. The judge may rule in favor of the landlord, and in this situation, the tenant will be ordered to vacate the property. They will have the option of appealing the judgment, but the process will be costly for the tenant.

When is Rent Due?

In the state of Michigan, the rent that is owed is going to be due on the first of the month unless otherwise stated in the original rental agreement. If the rent is due on another date, then it needs to be mentioned in the document as well. Typically, the rent will be late the very next day, so a Notice to Quit for non-payment of rent can be posted at any time afterward.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take?

When a landlord has to evict a tenant, the process can take a while to complete. They will have to wait for the Notice to quit, the court date, and the judgment, which could take two months. If the tenant contests the judgment, the process can take six months or more.

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