Vermont Rental Application Form

View a sample Vermont rental application form below and read further to learn more about what information should be included on rental applications in Vermont, what information a landlord CAN’T ask for, and what Vermont-specific regulations apply to the application process.

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Applicable Law in Vermont

It’s essential that landlords looking to find new tenants avoid tenants that can potentially be a problem down the line. One way to ensure this is to use an ironclad screening process that has legal backing in the state of Vermont. One thing that’s important to note is that the state does not allow landlords to charge any type of application fee, which means that the screening cost for new tenants will be the landlord’s responsibility. Insofar as the screening process, for those landlords that are going to perform a background check via a screening company, it’s critical to note that the applicant must give his or her consent. Like every other state, Vermont expressly forbids the discrimination of protected groups during the application process.

Fair Housing Laws in Vermont

Fair housing practices are a requirement in this state, and this is backed by not just state and local law but by federal law as well. If a landlord discriminates against an applicant based on race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or marital status, then there are steep penalties. In addition, Vermont also offers additional protections based on public assistance, age, minor children, gender identity, and domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking victims. Landlords can screen tenants based on non-discriminatory practices. For example, it’s perfectly legal to determine that an applicant is unfit to lease in a property due to criminal, financial, housing, or employment history.