Property Management in Athens, GA

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Athens vs Nearby Cities

Central Georgia residents struggling to cover the real estate prices in Atlanta can give themselves a price break by moving about 70 miles to the east. The median listing price in Athens is around $200,000, which is about $100,000 less than the median listing price often seen in Atlanta. Many cities close to Athens offer the same median listing price, including Covington. Prices can go slightly higher in nearby Lawrenceville, but the homes are still more affordable than those in Atlanta. For listing prices closer to $100,000, residents may look for homes in Elberton.

Athens Property Managers

Property managers serve as the eyes and ears for busy real estate investors and many property owners. The manager is often listed on the leasing agreement as a person authorized to make decisions on behalf of the property owner. Residents are more likely to know the manager by face than the owner.

Athens Property Management Fees

Most property owners pay around 10 percent for experienced property managers. This fee can get closer to 15 percent for properties that require more time and attention, and some property owners will negotiate a lower rate for multiple properties. Leasing fees also apply to most contracts.

Georgia Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords have no legal obligation to show tenants the records that they maintain for a rental unit over time.
  • If a Georgia tenant occupies a rental property without a leasing agreement, they are considered a “tenant at will” and are legally required to give the landlord a one-month notice when they intend to vacate the property.