Property Management in York, PA

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York vs Nearby Cities

York is positioned about 100 miles west of Philadelphia and offers more affordable real estate prices. The median home value is typically below $200,000, but the median listing price can get close to $250,000 at times. That’s less than $100,000 higher than the median listing price often seen in Philadelphia. Some cities located within 20 miles of York offer comparable real estate prices while others command much higher prices. For instance, the median listing price tends to stay below $250,000 in West York, but the median listing price is much closer to $150,000 in Lancaster. Shiloh is a nearby city that closely matches York in terms of real estate prices.

York Property Managers

From recruiting qualified tenants to processing evictions, property managers handle many tasks that often stress property owners out. These real estate professionals work with contractors to ensure that maintenance work and repairs are timely and efficient while handling all accounting for the property. They typically provide routine reports to keep the property owners informed.

York Property Management Company Fees

You can expect a property manager to charge between five and 12 percent of the rent collected from a property each month. This fee will depend on the services included in the contract, the size of the property and other factors determined by the management company.

Pennsylvania Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are required to disclose the name of the bank holding the tenant’s security deposit.
  • The initial security deposit for a one-year lease can go no higher than twice the monthly rental rate. After the first year, the deposit can no higher than the rent for one month.