Zillow Statistics

Last Updated: October 12, 2022

Highlights. Statistics indicate that Zillow Group continues to build revenue despite financial declines and downsizing, with a 128.13% average annual increase in revenue since 2017.

  • 48.11% of real estate website traffic is on Zillow.
  • Zillow has 135 million properties listed in its database.
  • 67% of U.S. homes have been viewed on Zillow.com regardless of their market status.
  • Zillow users view 420 million homes per month on mobile devices.

Grouped Bar Graph: Zillow Revenue vs. Reported Net Income ($8.15 billion vs. -$528.0 million for 2021)

Zillow Company Statistics

On Google, more people enter the search term “Zillow” than “real estate.”.

  • Zillow Group, Inc.’s annual revenue was $8.15 billion for 2021.
  • The company’s gross profit was $1.75 billion.
  • Annual reported sales growth in 2021 was 18.99%.
  • Zillow’s annual sales growth peaked in 2021, growing 143.99%.
  • Zillow has a $7.22 billion market rate cap.
  • The market cap decreased by 25.96% from July 2019 to September 2022.
  • Zillow employed 5,791 as of September 2022.
  • The company has maintained at least 10% of the industry’s total addressable market and revenue opportunities since its founding.
  • 51.0% of Zillow’s workforce is male, while leadership and management positions are 63.0% male.
  • 59.0% of the company’s workforce is white, while leadership and management positions are 74.0% white.

Bar graph: Top Ten Most Popular Real Estate Websites (unique monthly visitors), Zillow has 93.2 million, Realtor.com has 50.2 million, Redfin has 30.3 million, Apartments.com has 24.1 million, Movoto.com has 11.2 million, Loopnet.com has 6.9 million, Home.com has 6.6 million, Remax.com has 6.5 million, Coldwell Banker Homes has 6.0 million

Zillow.com Statistics

Zillow.com launched in 2006, predating Zillow Group by 8 years.

  • Zillow.com receives 93.2 million unique visitors per month.
  • The average user spends 6 minutes and 21 seconds on Zillow.com per visit
  • Users look at an average of 16.33 pages per visit.
  • 37.17% of Zillow.com traffic is from a search engine.
  • 93.49% of Zillow’s search engine referrals are organic referrals (as opposed to paid advertisements).
  • 3 of the Top 12 most-visited real estate websites belong to Zillow Group.
  • Among these Top 12 websites, 46.6% of their collective traffic goes to Zillow.com.
  • 54.12% of Top 10 traffic goes to a Zillow Group brand.
  • Real estate websites collectively record over 721 million monthly visits.
  • 234 million unique users accessed Zillow last year.

Bar Graph: Zillow's Unique Visitors: YoY High from 2013 (54.3 million), 2014 (76.7 million), 2015 (123.6 million), 2016 (140.1 million), 2017 (151.6 million), 2018 (157.2 million), 2019 (196.0 million), 2020 (245 million), and 2021 (234.0 million)

Zillow Mobile Applications

Zillow’s mobile applications, or “apps,” continue to grow in users.

  • 58.46% of Zillow visits come from mobile users.
  • Users view 157 homes per second on Zillow mobile apps.
  • The Zillow app has been downloaded over 10 million times on GooglePlay.
  • 6.5 million Apple users give the app 4.8 stars out of 5.
  • Every Zillow app has a user score of 4 stars or above.

Zillow User & Buyer Statistics

Despite elimination of its iBuyer program, Zillow remains an important tool for homeowners, buyers, and shoppers.

  • 95% of people interested in buying a home research the process online first.
  • 51% of home buyers find their home online.
  • 28% of home buyers find their home through their realtor.
  • Zillow apps and websites log over 10.2 billion visits in a year.
  • 18% of Zillow Group’s visitors indicate that they intend to buy a home.
  • 3% of visitors purchase a home; 6% become renters.
  • 73% of renters looking for accommodation in the U.S. used online resources during their search.
  • Up to 87% of buyers still want to work with an agent.

Zillow Programs & Subsidiaries

Zillow Group is the parent to companies and various business segments, such as Zillow Homes and Zillow Research, and acquisitions are now operating under the Zillow brand.

  • Zillow Home Loans (formerly Mortgage Lenders of America)is a matching service for prospective home-buyers and lenders.
  • Zillow Research gives individuals and real estate companies/professionals access to Zillow’s data and statistics.
  • Bridge Interactive is just for real estate professionals and brokers, offering software and technology solutions for data management.
  • Zillow Rentals connects would-be renters to landlords and property managers.

Zillow Rentals

In addition to Zillow Rentals, Zillow has acquired multiple online rental listing companies that still operate as independent entities.

  • 9.2 million leases are executed yearly, while 6.9 million homes are sold.
  • 81% of renters indicate they hope to own a home someday.
  • 57% of renters cannot afford a home.
  • Trulia, once Zillow’s greatest rival, is now a Zillow brand with 21.66 million unique visitors each month.
  • HotPads has 3.29 million unique visitors per month.
  • Acquisitions Streeteasy and NakedApartments are exclusive to New York City.
  • OutEast caters to upscale prospective second home-buyers in the Hamptons.

Zillow Home Loans

In the U.S., the mortgage industry represents $155 billion in annual revenue or 2.0% of real estate transactions.

  • 69% of homebuyers acquire a mortgage.
  • 87% of homes purchased* in the U.S. are financed with mortgage debt.
  • 57% of buyers with a mortgage said one of their top concerns was misunderstanding the mortgage process.
  • 15% of buyers with a mortgage use an online financer like Zillow Home Loans.
  • Zillow Home Loans operates in 46 states and jurisdictions.
  • 3% is the minimum down payment.

*Some buyers use mortgages for multiple homes; some purchases are second homes, third homes, etc.

Selling on Zillow

Homeowners and real estate professionals use Zillow to evaluate and advertise homes.

  • Zillow generated 16.9 million leads for agent advertisers in one year.
  • 2 million real estate professionals have listings on Zillow.
  • 92,366 are Zillow Premier Agents.
  • 80 million homes on Zillow have been updated by users.


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