Oklahoma Residential Lease Termination Notice

Get your FREE Oklahoma residential lease termination notice and read further about what state-specific landlord-tenant laws apply to break a lease in Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Notice Requirements for Lease Termination by Tenant

  • With a fixed-term lease, regardless of the length of it, the lease will expire. There is no notice required form the tenant unless they decide to leave the unit before the term of the agreement is up.
  • For any tenant that has a month-to-month rental agreement, they will need to provide the landlord with a notice of 30 days before vacating the property.
  • When a tenant has a week-to-week rental agreement, they will be responsible for letting the landlord know seven days in advance that they will be moving out.

Legally Terminating a Lease Early in Oklahoma

  • When a tenant is starting active duty in a uniformed services part of the military, they will be permitted to end the rental agreement with a 30-day notice to the landlord.
  • If the rental unit violates any of the health or safety codes of Oklahoma law, they will be considered to be constructively evicted, which means they will no longer be required to pay any rent obligations that they agreed to pay. 
  • If the landlord has been violating the tenant’s privacy or harassing them while they are still renting the unit, then their decision to break the lease will be justified.