Are Landlords Required To Replace or Fix Appliances?

Last Updated: September 8, 2023 by Roberto Valenzuela

In most states, landlords must repair or replace any appliances supplied with rental property. However, in some states landlords only have a duty to fix things they legally have a duty to provide. In either case, when a landlord hasn’t provided the problem refrigerator, stove, or other specific appliance, there’s usually no duty to repair.

State laws often don’t cover individual appliance types, but many local city codes do have requirements.

States With Unusual Standards for Appliances

Only a few states have unusual standards for appliances. Most of the time, a landlord has a statewide duty to replace supplied appliances. In most other cases, a landlord has no duty at all. These are the states with more complex standards:

State Standard(s)
Kentucky Landlords must maintain provided appliances, but only in counties which have passed Kentucky’s Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.
Ohio Landlords must maintain provided appliances, but they can pass this duty to the tenant by written agreement.
Tennessee Landlords must maintain provided stoves and refrigerators unless they provide central food service.

Consequences for Failure To Repair or Fix Appliances

It’s usually no more than a minor violation if a landlord fails to fix required appliances. State laws vary widely, but if a landlord doesn’t perform needed repairs after proper notice from the tenant, the following remedies often are available: