Do Landlords Have To Provide a Refrigerator, Stove or Other Appliances?

Last Updated: October 12, 2023 by Roberto Valenzuela

Most state laws don’t make a landlord provide a refrigerator, stove, or other specific appliances. However, most state laws do make a landlord repair or replace any appliances supplied with the property.


Although state laws often don’t cover appliances, many local city codes do have requirements.

Correcting Issues With Provided Appliances

The standard process when there’s an issue with provided appliances is for the tenant to give notice to the landlord through the locally approved process. The tenant then has to wait the time prescribed by state law. If the landlord hasn’t resolved the issue, the tenant can then pursue further action.

Proper Notice

Notice about provision of appliances must get delivered to the landlord through legally acceptable methods. Some states permit verbal notice about such issues. Many require written notice.

Time To Correct

State laws vary regarding how much time a landlord has to correct an issue with required or provided appliances. Emergency situations usually require immediate action (typically same day or within 24 hours). Otherwise, laws vary, with a maximum allowed time of 30 days on the high end ranging down to as few as three days on the extreme low end.

Time gets counted from when the landlord receives proper notice about an issue, not when it’s sent. For precise counting, many tenants deliver notice through certified mail even if it’s not legally required, since this proves an exact time of delivery.

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Consequences for Failure To Provide Appliances

It’s usually no more than a minor violation if a landlord fails to provide required appliances. State laws vary widely, but if a landlord doesn’t provide an appliance after proper notice from the tenant, the following remedies may available (for the most important appliances):

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