Property Management in Apex, NC

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Apex vs Nearby Cities

Home buyers in central North Carolina can expect to pay above-average housing prices. Apex is one of the more popular cities in this region and offers a median listing price around $400,000. This is comparable to the housing prices seen in many nearby cities, including Cary and Pittsboro. Prices are even a little higher in cities like Chapel Hill, where the median listing price is known to get close to $500,000 at times. Renters also pay high prices, since the median rental price is over $1,500 throughout this region. Buyers searching for lower real estate prices may look in a couple large cities located near Apex, including Raleigh and Durham.

Apex Property Managers

Many property owners hire managers because they prefer to work with an independent contractor than hire employees. A manager will oversee the daily operations of all rental units, including interacting with tenants when there are problems. They may also use their expertise to advertise the property and screen prospective tenants to keep units occupied and profitable.

Apex Property Management Company Fees

Property management companies typically charge a base management fee in addition to a leasing fee. The management fee is typically a percentage of the gross rent collected from the property, and the rate is often negotiated to fit the needs of each client. Most property owners will pay around eight percent.

North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • North Carolina landlords cannot charge more than twice the monthly rental rate when asking for a security deposit on a leasing agreement that lasts two months or longer.
  • Landlords are permitted to charge a “reasonable” pet deposit for residential rental agreements, and they can specify that this fee is non-refundable.