Property Management in Bullhead City, AZ

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Bullhead City vs Nearby Cities

The median listing price for single-family homes in Bullhead City tends to fall close to $200,000, but the median sales price is typically closer to $150,000. This is comparable to the real estate prices seen in nearby cities. For instance, Fort Mohave is located just south of the city and features median sales and listing prices around $150,000 most of the time.

Bullhead City is slightly more expensive than cities 20-30 miles away. For instance, the median listing price typically stays below $150,000 in Golden Valley. The median sales price can drop below $100,000 at times.

Bullhead City Property Managers

A property manager often works as an independent contractor, so they can help manage your rental properties without the expense of hiring an employee. You can depend on an experienced manager to interact with your tenants on a daily basis while ensuring that your property is professionally maintained over time.

Bullhead City Property Management Company Fees

Property management fees can vary because they’re based on the qualities of your property and the exact services required. You may need to pay a monthly fee based on the amount of rent collected, but some managers prefer to charge a flat fee. You will likely need to maintain funds in an account for everyday operational expenses as well.

Arizona Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Arizona landlords can charge nonrefundable fees, but the rental agreement must clearly state that the fee is nonrefundable. If it is not noted as such, it is legally refundable.
  • Landlords must provide a move-in checklist to each new tenant.
  • Tenants moving out of a rental unit have the right to attend the landlord’s final inspection of the property.