Property Management in Cape Coral, FL

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Cape Coral vs Nearby Cities

Cape Coral and nearby Fort Myers have similar real estate markets. The median home value for both cities is around $200,000, and the median listing prices are much closer to $250,000. It’s common for buyers to pay more than $100 per square foot on average. These prices are a bit lower than those found in some nearby cities. For instance, the median listing price is around $350,000 in Sarasota and around $400,000 in Bonita Springs. The median price per square foot is much closer to $200 in both of these cities.

Cape Coral Property Managers

A property manager handles most if not all direct tenant communications. They are responsible for setting and enforcing rules, collecting rent and processing evictions. Many managers are also marketing professionals with enough real estate knowledge to set competitive rental rates and implement campaigns to attract quality tenants. When a rental unit is vacant, it’s the manager’s job to find a suitable tenant quickly.

Cape Coral Property Management Company Fees

Property managers charge a basic management fee in addition to a leasing fee and additional funds for everyday expenses. The management fee is often between eight and 12 percent, and owners with multiple rental properties tend to receive the best rates.

Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord has proof that a tenant has destroyed their rental property, they may serve a quit notice that gives the tenant one week to move out of the property.
  • Landlords must give tenants a 12-hour warning when they plan to enter the rental property for an inspection.