Property Management in Carson, CA

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Carson vs Nearby Cities

Carson is located less than 20 miles south of Los Angeles in southern California. Even though the city’s average home price is well above the national average, it is still much lower than home prices seen in LA. The median listing price in Los Angeles is known to spike significantly higher than $700,000. In Carson, the median listing price tends to stay below $500,000. In either of these cities, the median rent price can go higher than $2,500 per month.

Many cities surrounding Carson offer much higher real estate prices. For instance, the median listing price in Torrance is often around $750,000, and the median home price in Redondo Beach is around $1 million. It’s common for renters to pay a median rent price around $3,000 per month or higher in these cities.

Carson Property Managers

Property managers often study the local real estate market to determine the most competitive rental prices. They can also calculate overhead costs while accepting rent from tenants. They may screen new tenants and handle all marketing to promote the rental business. The manager may oversee contractors as well.

Carson Property Management Company Fees

An experienced property management company will typically charge a management fee plus a leasing fee and other added expenses. The property owner can expect to pay these fees plus all overhead expenses. The management fee is typically between six and 14 percent of gross rent collections, depending on the services included in the contract.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • When establishing the amount of a security deposit, landlords in California are limited to twice the monthly rental rate.
  • Once a tenant vacates a rental property, the landlord may take up to three weeks to return their security deposit with an itemized list of deductions.