Property Management in Columbus, GA

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Columbus vs Nearby Cities

Columbus, Georgia, is positioned right on the Alabama state line and represents some of the state’s more reasonable real estate prices. Median listing prices tend to hover around $100,000 in this city as well as in LaGrange, Albany and many other small towns nearby. Renters can expect to pay a median rental price of $800 or less per month as long as they stay on the Georgia side of the state line.

Once you cross into Alabama, real estate and rental prices increase substantially. For instance, Auburn, Alabama, is approximately 30 miles from Columbus but features a median listing price around $300,000.

Columbus Property Managers

Property managers typically take complete charge of all operational duties associated with a real estate rental business. They’re often hired right after a rental property is purchased, so they may help determine rent prices while overseeing the design and décor for the new rental units. They collect rent and handle all direct interactions with tenants.

Columbus Property Management Fees

Property managers typically charge their clients a percentage of the rent collected from the units that they oversee. They usually collect additional fees when there are vacant units or when they find a new tenant to fill an empty unit. Other fees often apply, depending on the property.

Georgia Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Nonrefundable application fees are legal for Georgia rental properties.
  • There are no state limitations regarding the information that landlords can request when screening new tenants for rental units.
  • Landlords cannot enter a tenant’s rental unit without emergency circumstances unless the rental agreement states otherwise.