Property Management in Elk Grove, CA

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Elk Grove vs Nearby Cities

Elk Grove features prices slightly higher than many neighboring cities. The median home value tends to stay below $400,000, but it could spike above this figure as values and prices continue to rise throughout central California. The median listing price is also a bit below $400,000 most of the time.

These prices are comparable to those seen in Rancho Cordova, which is located about 15 miles to the northeast. Median listing prices are close to $400,000 in this town, but the median home value is much closer to $300,000. Lower prices are found in Sacramento, which offers a median listing price below $300,000.

Elk Grove Property Managers

What would you do with your free time if you had a trustworthy partner willing to collect rent and oversee your rental properties? When you work with a property manager or management team, you will have someone available to handle everyday operations as well as emergency situations, evictions and property repairs. You don’t always have to be the person on call.

Elk Grove Property Management Company Fees

In addition to the basic management fee, property management companies may charge added fees for lease renewals, advertising and the time taken to find and screen new tenants. Most will ask you to keep money in a reserve fund so that they can take care of routine expenses promptly. Expect to pay extra for property repairs.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • When a landlord refuses to make necessary repairs on a rental property, the renters have the right to pay for the expenses and deduct the money from their rental payments.
  • Renters may also move out of a rental property without giving notice if the landlord fails to make repairs necessary to keep the property safe and livable.