Property Management in Gilbert, AZ

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Gilbert vs Nearby Cities

The median listing price for a single-family home in Gilbert tends to stay below $350,000. The median sales price often falls closer to the $300,000, which is on par with the city’s median home value. These prices are comparable to those seen in Chandler, which is a city just west of Gilbert. The median listing price for homes in Chandler tends to stay around $300,000, and the median sales price can hit in the $250,000 range at times.

Lower real estate prices are often found just north of Gilbert in Mesa. The median listing price in that city tends to stay close to $250,000, and the median sales price is typically closer to $200,000.

Gilbert Property Managers

A property manager can handle direct communications with your tenants while overseeing the maintenance and repair of your property. Most managers work as independent contractors, which spares you the expense of hiring an employee. The right manager will keep your tenants happy while protecting your real estate investment.

Gilbert Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers are independent contractors working for a percentage of the rent that you collect each month. The standard rate is around 10 percent in many cities, but some managers will charge a bit more or less. The rate often depends on the nature of your rental property and the exact services that you want performed.

Arizona Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a tenant’s rent check bounces, the landlord can charge a bounce fee up to $25. They may also collect the bounce fee charged by the landlord’s bank.
  • When a tenant is bound by a month-to-month rental agreement, the landlord must give written warning at least 30 days in advance before changing the leasing terms.