Property Management in Harrisburg, PA

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Harrisburg vs Nearby Cities

Harrisburg boasts some of the most affordable home prices in southern Pennsylvania. The city’s median listing price is around $70,000, and the median home value is about the same. It’s common for buyers to pay an average of $50 per square foot, and homes in some of the best neighborhoods are often sold for well under $100 per square foot. Renters also catch a price break in this city, since the median rent price is often under $1,000 per month. Most nearby cities demand slightly higher prices. For instance, the median home prices in Mechanicsburg, Marysville and Rutherford tend to stay around $150,000 and may go slightly higher at times.

Harrisburg Property Managers

Property managers typically handle all direct communications with tenants and contractors. They may determine the best rental rate for the property while ensuring that the indoor and outdoor living spaces are in compliance with all landlord-tenant laws. A great manager can also make rental units more attractive to tenants.

Harrisburg Property Management Company Fees

Property managers often base their fees on the amount of rent collected from each rental unit. In most cases, this fee is less than 10 percent of the gross rent paid by tenants. Most managers will also charge a leasing fee, which can go well beyond 10 percent of the first month’s rent paid by a new tenant.

Pennsylvania Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Pennsylvania landlords cannot file for eviction before giving the tenant at least 10 days to pay their overdue rent or move out of the property.
  • When a landlord refuses to make important repairs to a rental unit, the tenant may withhold their rent or pay for the repairs and deduct the expense from their rental payment.