Property Management in Highland, CA

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Highland vs Nearby Cities

Highland is positioned more than 70 miles from the coast in southern California. This inland region features much lower real estate prices than Los Angeles and many beach towns. The median listing price in Highland tends to stay close to $300,000, and it’s common for buyers to pay a median of $200 per square foot. Nearby Moreno Valley offers similar home prices, and prices are a bit lower in cities like San Bernardino. In Fontana, Redlands and Riverside, buyers can expect to pay median listing prices well below $500,000. It’s common for renters to pay a median rent price of around $2,000 per month in this region of the state.

Highland Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for keeping rental units occupied. This requires pricing each unit competitively and maintaining the property so that it is attractive to renters. Managers oversee maintenance and repairs, including painting and cleaning carpeting after a tenant moves out of a rental unit. Many managers have real estate experience and can help with pricing and marketing the property.

Highland Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers take a portion of the rent payments collected from tenants as their management fee. This fee is often around 10 percent of the gross rent collected, but most management companies will negotiate a rate with each client. Investors with multiple rental properties may get a better deal than those with single properties.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California landlords are required to give tenants a notice of at least 24 hours when they plan to enter the rental unit for any reason.
  • When a prospective tenant has proof that they are a victim of domestic violence, landlords cannot legally refuse to rent to them.