Property Management in Lancaster, CA

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Lancaster vs Nearby Cities

While real estate prices in Lancaster are a bit higher than those seen in smaller cities nearby, they’re a bargain compared to Los Angeles. The city is about 70 miles north of LA and offers a median home value close to $250,000. Those values are rising gradually, but they’re much lower than LA’s median home value of more than $600,000. While listing prices can spike above $700,000 in Los Angeles, the listing price in Lancaster tends to stay below $300,000. The median sales price may even dip below $250,000 at times.

For more affordable prices, southern California residents may wander about 10 miles north of Lancaster to the city of Rosamond. The median home value for this town is around $200,000, and the median listing price tends to stay below $250,000. It’s common to see median sales prices around $200,000.

Lancaster Property Managers

Don’t stress over your rental properties when there are experienced property managers ready to help. A manager can ensure that everything runs smoothly with each of your tenants, protecting your investment and your sanity. Whether you put them in charge of a few tasks or all tasks, they will deliver peace of mind and years of expertise.

Lancaster Property Management Company Fees

When a property management company quotes a monthly price, you should question what services are and are not included. You will likely pay a flat rate or a percentage of the total rent collected, but you will still have to pay for operational expenses. Services not included in the quote may cost you extra as well.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords are limited to twice the monthly rental rate when setting the security deposit for unfurnished rental units.
  • Landlords are limited to three times the monthly rental rate when setting the security deposit for furnished rental units.
  • If a tenant furnishes their rental unit with a waterbed, the landlord is allowed to add half a month’s rent to the security deposit.