Property Management in Loveland, CO

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Loveland vs Nearby Cities

The median listing price for homes in Loveland can get close to $400,000 at times. This translates to a median listing price around $250 per square foot, which is comparable to many nearby cities in northern Colorado. In Fort Collins, the median listing price is around $450,000 with a median per square foot around $250. Home prices in Greeley are slightly lower with a median listing price closer to $300,000 and a median price per square foot of about $100. Longmont is a short drive to the south and offers a median listing price around $450,000. Prices in this area of Colorado are expected to increase over time.

Loveland Property Managers

Property owners in Loveland can hire professional managers to handle the day-to-day duties of managing their rental units. This goes beyond rent collection to include answering phones, paperwork and overseeing property repairs and maintenance. In some cases, property managers oversee the eviction process. Some managers may also handle marketing to attract new tenants.

Loveland Property Management Fees

On average, property management fees are around 10 percent if monthly rent collections. The price may go much higher or a bit lower, depending on the services included and the expertise of the property manager. Vacancy fees and other added charges often apply, including upcharges for marketing, interior design, real estate listing and other specialized services.

Colorado Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords must give Colorado tenants at least three days to pay overdue rent or vacate a rental unit before they can file for eviction.
  • If important property repairs are ignored by Colorado landlords, tenants are legally permitted to withhold rent payments.
  • When a tenant repeatedly violates the terms of their rental lease, the landlord can serve a quit notice that demands the tenant move out immediately.