Property Management in Merced, CA

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Merced vs Nearby Cities

Merced sits in one of the most affordable regions of California. Away from the coast in the state’s central region, the city offers a median listing price well under $300,000 most of the time. The median home value is often around $200,000, which is substantially lower than prices seen on the coast and in southern California. Nearby cities like Fresno offer home prices in the same range, but there are many towns in this area with slightly higher prices. For example, median listing prices in Modesto and Mariposa are typically around $300,000. In Turlock, the median listing price can spike well over $300,000 at times.

Merced Property Managers

When a property owner is unable to communicate with renters, market to attract high-quality tenants and take care of repairs in a timely manner, they hire a manager to represent their interests. An experienced property management company can balance a variety of responsibilities to ensure that bills are paid on time, rental units are properly maintained and tenants are satisfied with their homes.

Merced Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers are paid a portion of the rent that they collect from renters on a monthly basis. This management fee covers their time caring for the property and interacting with tenants. Most managers also ask for a leasing fee if they are responsible for marketing and screening prospective tenants.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord takes deductions from a tenant’s security deposit, they are required to give the tenant an itemized list of those deductions. They have 21 days to deliver the itemized list plus any remaining balance on the deposit.
  • The countdown for the landlord’s 21 days to return a security deposit starts the day that the tenant returns keys to the property.