Property Management in Napa, CA

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Napa vs Nearby Cities

Napa is located approximately 50 miles northeast of San Francisco in central California. While the median listing price can go well over $1 million in San Francisco, it tends to stay closer to $700,000 in Napa. This is quite a bit higher than most cities within a 20-mile radius. For instance, the median listing price tends to stay around $600,000 in Santa Rosa. The median listing price drops to around $400,000 in Fairfield and may get closer to $300,000 in Vallejo. There are also some nearby cities that demand higher prices. For instance, the median listing price is often close to $750,000 in Petaluma. It’s common for renters to pay round $2,000 per month or more in this region of the state.

Napa Property Managers

Property managers take a lot of stress off rental property owners. They often handle all of the accounting, including filing taxes. When repairs or renovations are needed, the manager is often responsible for overseeing the project. They typically handle all interactions with tenants and prospective tenants as well.

Napa Property Management Company Fees

California property managers usually collect a portion of all rent collected. This serves as their management fee, but they may still charge additional fees for select services not included in the management contract. For instance, they may take most of a new tenant’s first month of rent when they are responsible for finding new tenants.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California landlords can legally charge a “reasonable” late fee when a tenant fails to pay their rent on time.
  • Landlords must disclose their late fee in their rental or lease agreement or it is not valid.
  • When a tenant’s rent check bounces, the landlord is entitled to charge a fee of $25. For subsequent bounced checks, they may charge $35.