Property Management in Santa Cruz, CA

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Santa Cruz vs Nearby Cities

Santa Cruz is located approximately 30 miles southwest of San Jose and features a more expensive real estate market. The city’s median listing price can get close to $1 million at times, but the median home price tends to stay closer to $800,000 in San Jose. As prices continue to rise along California’s coast, there’s a chance that San Jose will one day feature more comparable prices. Buyers interested in living in this area of the state without the high prices may look in surrounding cities like Watsonville. This city often boasts a median home price around $600,000.

Santa Cruz Property Managers

A property manager serves as the representative of property owners unable to manage their rental units. They can oversee maintenance, repairs and renovations so that the property remains in excellent condition. The job of keeping all rental units occupied often falls on their shoulders as well. They typically report to the property owner on a routine basis.

Santa Cruz Property Management Company Fees

While some property managers charge a flat monthly fee, most base their fee on a percentage of the rental payments collected from tenants. They may ask for a vacancy fee in addition to the management fee to ensure that their time is compensated even when some units are unoccupied.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a rental unit contains toxic levels of mold, the landlord is legally required to disclose that information in the rental agreement.
  • Landlords have up to three weeks to return a tenant’s security deposit or deliver a list of deductions after the tenant vacates the rental property.