Property Management in Vallejo, CA

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Vallejo vs Nearby Cities

Vallejo is one of the more affordable cities on the coast in central California. The median home value is around $350,000, and the median listing price is typically around that figure as well. It’s common to see the median sales price dip significantly lower.

The city of Fairfield is located about 15 miles to the east and offers slightly higher prices. This town commands a median listing price close to $450,000, and property values are around $400,000. Even higher prices are seen 30 miles to the south in San Francisco and 15 miles to the north in Napa. Buyers may pay between $600,000 and $1 million for a home in these cities.

Vallejo Property Managers

Property managers are hired to oversee the maintenance of rental properties. They may work with single-family or multiple-family rentals and can provide a wide range of services. The extent of a manager’s involvement will depend on how much responsibility you want to maintain personally. In most cases, a manager will free the owner to spend their time elsewhere.

Vallejo Property Management Company Fees

When comparing management fees between multiple companies, make sure that you’re comparing quotes for equal services. You can expect to pay a base fee as well as added expenses when more services are required. Most managers will also require you to keep money in a special account to cover routine operational expenses.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Nonrefundable security deposits are illegal in California.
  • If a tenant uses a waterbed in their rental unit, the landlord can add a fee to the security deposit. This fee must total no more than half the monthly rent.