Property Management in Waco, TX

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Waco vs Nearby Cities

Waco is located between Dallas and Austin and delivers a substantial price break when it comes to real estate. While prices can easily soar beyond $300,000 in these larger cities, the median listing price tends to stay closer to $200,000 in Waco. This is still a bit higher than the prices seen in many nearby cities, including Temple and Corsicana. The median listing price tends to stay securely below $200,000 in Temple, and the median price in Corsicana is often around $150,000. There are still some nearby towns that command higher real estate prices, such as Stephenville.

Waco Property Managers

Property managers are in the business of asset protection. They ensure that rental properties are attractive to tenants, competitive within the local market and in line with all state landlord-tenant laws. They can balance the books while screening potential tenants and addressing maintenance and repair orders required for proper upkeep.

Waco Property Management Company Fees

When hiring a manager, property owners can expect to pay up to 10 percent of the rent collected from their property. This rate can go a bit higher if the property needs an unusual amount of attention or if additional services are requested. Most property management companies will negotiate a rate as they learn more about the property.

Texas Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Texas landlords have the right to require that tenants notify them in advance of moving out in order to have their security deposit returned. Landlords must specify this requirement in the lease agreement using bold print or underlining.
  • Special laws allow tenants to break a lease if they are sexually assaulted within their rental unit.