Property Management in Yuma, AZ

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Yuma vs Nearby Cities

Yuma rests on the western edge of Arizona and offers reasonable real estate prices. The median home value is around $150,000, and the median listing price is typically around $220,000. Many three-bedroom Yuma homes are listed for less than $200,000. Most four-bedroom homes are listed under $250,000. Real estate prices throughout Arizona are increasing gradually. That trend is likely to hold true for Yuma through 2019 and beyond.

Real estate prices in Yuma are similar to those offered in small nearby cities. The median home value in Quartzsite is around $100,000. Buyers can find three-bedroom homes listed below $100,000 or close to $300,000 in this small town. In Gila Bend, three- and four-bedroom homes are often listed for less than $150,000. Buyers can secure empty lots for $10,000 or less in Gila Bend.

Yuma Property Managers

Property managers can assist rental property owners with rent collection, maintenance and much more. They may help establish profitable rental rates. Some can inspect the property and recommend upgrades that will increase profitability, curb appeal and comfort for tenants. These services help with tenant attraction and retention, minimizing turnover for each rental unit. Property managers often serve as the first line of communication for tenants and the surrounding community.

Yuma Property Management Fees

The average property management fee is around 10 percent of the rent collected in most areas of the United States. This fee can get close to 15 percent or drop below 10 percent in some areas. The fee is often determined by the size, location, and condition of the rental property. Landlords can expect to pay all operational, maintenance and repair expenses on top of the management fee. Most property managers also collect vacancy fees and other added charges.

Arizona Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Arizona landlords may charge no more than 1.5 times the monthly rent when collecting a security deposit.
  • When a tenant falls behind on rent, the landlord must give them at least five days to pay their rent or vacate the property. After that five days, the landlord can begin the eviction process.